PGF Season 4: Your Teams

The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) draft is over and we now know the team lineups. For those of you who might have missed it, you can watch the PGF Draft on Brandon Mccaghren’s YouTube channel. Honestly, the draft was a blast. Watching it is worth the time to listen to the coaches’ reasons for picking certain folks and how they might use them in their quintet lineups. Also, the live chat had some comments that were serious gems.

Overall, the main theme from the draft was familiarity. Coaches largely looked to pick folks who were their students or that they knew or personally had seen grapple. Multiple coaches noted it was important to get the right chemistry on their teams since the quintet format would amp up the team dynamic this season.

Given the short period of time coaches will have with their teams (the season is less than one week long), it makes sense a coach would like to have some knowledge of their competitors’ games (strengths, weaknesses, etc.) before heading into the week to reduce their learning curve on how to employ their competitors. Some competitors seemed to drop in the rankings if they hadn’t competed recently or didn’t have a lot of available film. Coaches went with other folks who they had seen compete more recently.

I’ll probably do some more analysis of the draft later, but I wanted to get the team rosters out there for everyone. If you have any thoughts on the draft (e.g. who was the steal of the draft, who was a reach, etc.), feel free to DM my instagram and I might your thoughts to this post (credit will be given).

Without further adieu, here’s the teams:

Team Cantrell – Coach Kemoy Anderson

Joanie ChamberlandBlack belt, 10th Planet Atlanta and Rise Up BJJ.
Anthony Molina ValdesBrown belt, 10th Planet Miami
Samson “the Hustler” PhommaboutBrown belt, Sierra MMA (Sandy, UT)
Emily “Cyanide” HauserBlue belt, Combat Performance (Hendersonville, NC) and Glory Martial Arts and Fitness (Sylva, NC)
Noah RandolphPurple belt, 10th Planet Decatur
Juan Martinez VBrown belt, Childress BJJ (Pueblo, CO)
Matthew BoilesBlue belt, Scramble Jiu Jitsu
Charles MuxoBlue belt, Black tie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Cape Coral, FL)

Team Supernatural Survival Gear – Coach Caleb McAllister

Nathan “Irish Taco” ChambersPurple belt, At-large, Ireland
Dane LeakBlack belt, Clinch Martial Arts Academy
Mario GaorBrown belt, 10th Planet O’Fallon
Anna ConongeBrown belt, 10th Planet Atlanta
Tara LarosaPurple belt, Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu
Jacob MashburnBlue belt, Renaissance Academy of Martial Arts
Jacob ArpPurple belt, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Savannah (formerly trained at Scramble BJJ)
Billy BaxterPurple belt, Inside Control Academy (St. Petersburg, FL)

Team Ironclad – Coach Matt Elkins

Nekiaya JacksonBrown belt, 10th Planet Decatur
David GarciaBrown belt, 10th Planet Lombard
Kaida DavisBrown belt, Category Five Jiujitsu and Derby City MMA
Evan DewittBlack belt, Queen City Grappling and Derby City MMA
Wesley CarterBrown belt, Queen City Grappling Club (Middletown, OH)
TJ SteinebachBrown belt, Gemini Fitness and Combat (Englewood, CO)
Nick SahfBlue belt, Rogue Combat Club (Asheville, NC) and 10th Planet Decatur
Alex HallPurple belt, Ironclad HQ

Team Such n Such – Coach Sean Applegate

Stephen DanaPurple belt, 10th Planet Atlanta
Reese LaFeverPurple belt, One Nation Jiu Jitsu and New Wave Jiu Jitsu (yes, that one)
Manning LeverettBROWN belt, 10th Planet Jacksonville
Maximus “Rock Troll” JollyPurple belt, 10th Planet Cookeville
Brianna ParochaBlue belt, 10th Planet Jacksonville
Sam AcordPurple belt, 10th Planet Atlanta
Claire MitchellPurple belt, 10th Planet Huntsville and Florence BJJ
Eric LongarBlack belt, 10th Planet Crystal City
BTW, if you Decatur, AL and don’t get some of those drunken waffle fries from Such N Such, you’re just dead wrong!

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