PGF Season 4: The 5W’s

For those of you who wanted a one-stop-shop post, I’m putting out this quick 5W’s post. As information changes or is updated, I’ll work to keep this quick post up to date as well as the other posts it links. For the video promo of PGF Season 4, check out this LINK.

What: The Professional Grappling Federation’s fourth season is just around the corner. It’s the most exciting, most fan-interactive submission grappling promotion on the planet. The six-minute matches force competitors to go for submissions, eliminating the all-too-often issue of grapplers stalling out matches in other promotions. This season, the teams face off in team two team duels a night. The teams’ ladies face each other in a round robin competition (each lady facing all the opposing ladies in the duels) with the gentlemen facing off in a quintet-style match in between the ladies’ matches. The quintet format pits the teams’ rosters of men against each other. The Coaches will send out their lead-off grappler onto the mat first. If either competitor secures a submission, they remain on the mat and the opposing team sends in their next competitor. In this way, it’s been compared to a king of the hill situation. If neither competitor in a quintet match secures a submission, the draw is a double-loss with both competitors eliminated and both teams having to send out new competitors. The team with the last competitors standing wins the quintet match. The gentlemen earn six points for a Kill (choke) and three points for a Break (joint lock) with an additional point for submissions in less than one minute (Elbow Genie rule). The eight gentlemen garnering the most points in the regular season will move on to the post-season tournament with a chance to earn the title of PGF Season 4 Champion.

Who: 10th Planet Black Belt Brandon Mccaghren (BMAC) is the Commissioner of the PGF. BMAC has assembled four coaches: Nick “Chewy” Albin, Kemoy Anderson, Sean Applegate, and Caleb McAllister. More about the coaches can be read HERE. The coaches recently drafted their teams, including six gentlemen and two ladies per team. The team rosters can be found HERE. PGF Season 4 includes eight outstanding bantamweight ladies and 24 tough lightweight gentlemen. For the complete roster of competitors please look HERE.

When: The PGF Season 4 regular season will from 26, 27, and 28 October. The regular season will begin at or around noon Central time each day. PGF Season 4’s post-season finale will be on Saturday, 29 October also starting at noon.

Where: PGF Season 4 will be live on Brandon Mccaghren’s YouTube Channel. If you’re near the Decatur, AL area, you can watch the competition live and in person at BComing Church, 607 14th St SE, Decatur, AL 35601. Tickets for the regular season matches are $10 at the door, but free to PGF NFT holders. The post-season finale will also be held at BComing Church and will be available on PPV (link forthcoming). Tickets for the season finale (in person) will be $30 and available only at the door – let them know which competitor you are supporting and they get a piece of those ticket sale. Of note, PGF NFT holders will also have their own VIP spots at the PGF Season 4 Finale.

Why: Because you deserve the most exciting, compelling jiu jitsu around. Because you can be a part of the tribe, hopping in the chat, putting out bounties (superchats for certain submissions), talking with the commentators, or just interacting with other fans. Because the PGF sports a number of up and coming jiu jitsu competitors who are making names for themselves and could break out on the national grappling seen shortly. Because it’s just a ton of fun.

I hope this quick post helps consolidate information for folks. You can also head on over to PGFHOME.COM for more information.

Also, if you want some more information about the Finale, including the undercard, you can check out this post.

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