PGF Season 4: Preseason Home Stretch

TWO QUALIFIERS LEFT!!! That’s it. Two shots at making the regular season roster for the Professional Grappling Federation (PGF). Brandon Mccaghren, the COMMISH, has confirmed the Men’s Roster will include 24 individuals; the Ladies’ Roster, eight individuals. That’s right, the Commish has confirmed – the LADIES’ SEASON IS A GO!!!! For a bit, the Ladies’Continue reading “PGF Season 4: Preseason Home Stretch”


The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) brings fans the most exciting submission grappling in a league format using a unique scoring format to force the action.  In the regular season, competitors amass points only through submissions in their six-minute matches. Breaks (armbars, leg locks, etc.) earn three points; Kills (chokes), earn six points. Competitors who scoreContinue reading “PGFHOME.COM About”

PGF Season 3, Day 3 (Wednesday) Fantasy Predictions!

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway throught the season. We’ve seen some great matches. Last night may have been the best night in PGF history – awesome action, great interaction with the fans through the comments, great video production. It had it all. Now we know a lot more about these competitors. I did thisContinue reading “PGF Season 3, Day 3 (Wednesday) Fantasy Predictions!”


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