PGF Season 4: Innovative Game Play

Kaizen – it’s a Japanese word generally recognized as meaning “continuous improvement.” When Brandon Mccaghren and Conscious Keelan first envisioned the Professional Grappling Federation(PGF), they looked for ways to make the action exciting for fans. In true Kaizen fashion, the PGF leads have continuously improved the experience culminating this year in a Quintet-styled format, withContinue reading “PGF Season 4: Innovative Game Play”

PGF Season 4: The Finale

It all leads up to this moment. Some competitors traveled to multiple pre-season qualifiers, facing innumerable opponents with a hope of making the regular season and a glimmer of a hope of reaching the PGF Post-Season – The Finale! The PGF Season 4 Finale will be on Saturday, 29 October. It will be available liveContinue reading “PGF Season 4: The Finale”

PGF Season 4: Your Teams

The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) draft is over and we now know the team lineups. For those of you who might have missed it, you can watch the PGF Draft on Brandon Mccaghren’s YouTube channel. Honestly, the draft was a blast. Watching it is worth the time to listen to the coaches’ reasons for pickingContinue reading “PGF Season 4: Your Teams”


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