PGF Season 4: Are You Ready for Some Fantasy Jiu Jitsu?

Bragging rights. They’re not only for the competitors and coaches, but also for the most skilled PGF fantasy jiu jitsu managers. Fans can pick their rosters and compete against friends, the field, and even commentators and competitors to see who is the best prognosticator in the PGF Fanstasy Jiu Jitsu league.

As part of the PGF’s tradition for fan interaction, the fantasy league returns for the fourth PGF season. Fantasy managers receive a budget and must put together a five-competitor roster. Fantasy managers are free to fill their roster spots with any of the 24 men or eight ladies competing in PGF Season 4. All roster spots must be filled for a valid lineup. As each day’s PGF competition unfolds, the fantasy manager’s teams will accrue the same points as their competitors do in the PGF – meaning if a competitor on their roster gets a kill (choke), they receive six points; if a break (joint lock), three points; if a submission under one minute, a bonus point; and finally, they get the team points awarded to the winning team each night. Again, for each subsequent day, fantasy rosters must be setup again. The PGF Lord of Fantasy (ask BMAC) will update player costs each day to reflect competitors’ performance. So, a fantasy team manager might out maneuver everyone with great value picks the first day, but not be able to afford the same roster the subsequent day.

Fantasy Team Managers must manage their budgets to fill all five spots, staying within their budget.

In the first two PGF fantasy seasons, the editorial board painstakingly weighed the probabilities of each match, providing analysis to readers and using it to inform the picks for the #BlueBeltsArePeopleToo fantasy team. In both those first seasons, #BlueBeltsArePeopleToo had to settle for second place. For Season 3, MigE, another PGF Insider simply set up his roster with his teammates from 10th Planet Atlanta and almost won the league. But which strategy will earn a fantasy manager success this season? With the Quintet format for the gentlemen, any investment in a male competitor becomes very speculative. It could literally be feast or famine – a competitor could take out the entire other team, earning six submissions, or the same competitor might have been saved as the anchor of a team and had his teammates secure the victory while he sits on the bench. The ladies provide at least a known amount of matches a night (two each). So, picking the right female competitor(s) could really set a fantasy team ahead. What will be your method? Will you pick your teammates or favorite competitors for your team as a sign of solidarity? Will you try to get into the minds of the coaches and estimate who has the best shot of the most matches and the most submissions?

In the end, it’s a little like the saying about the lotter, you can’t win if you don’t play. But by playing PGF fantasy jiu jitsu, you’ll be able to talk smack with your friends, other fans, and most likely at least one of the commentators. So, if you’re ready to have some skin in the PGF game, head over to the fantasy league and setup your team.

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