It’s almost here. We have less than FIVE DAYS until the PGS Season 2 Post-season Tournament. Since fantasy is all over (yes, still a little bitter), I created a SUPER UNOFFICIAL bracket challenge. It’s free to play. If there’s enough participation, I’ll throw in a prize for the winner. To say I’m excited for thisContinue reading “PGF SEASON 2 POST-SEASON TOURNAMENT ANALYSIS:”

PGF Season 2 Week 8 (Regular Season Finale) Fantasy Recap

Another outstanding regular season of the PGF has concluded! I’ll admit I wasn’t going to do a fantasy recap until Walo asked if I was going to do one. I’ve had some stuff at work, etc. that’s been kicking my butt so I was enjoying a break from the blog. But, we have some unfinishedContinue reading “PGF Season 2 Week 8 (Regular Season Finale) Fantasy Recap”

PGF Season 2, Week 8 Fantasy Analysis

Okay guys, this PGF season is almost over. I’ll probably put out one more blog post for the finale, but otherwise I’ll chill until the season 3 qualifiers start. This season has been awesome. The interviews pre and post match, the Lonnie Jones intermissions, the higher caliber of competitors – it’s all been goodness. ThanksContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 8 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2, Week 7 Fantasy Analysis

Hey guys, a quick request: I don’t advertise or do this for money. It’s my hobby or midlife crisis as my man-child says. But I do want to promote one thing. The book below was written by a friend. He’s written a number of books, but given his martial arts, military, and international experience, IContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 7 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2, Week 6 Fantasy Analysis

Kemoy Anderson suggested many members of the Facebook group were “really riding nuts in [the group]. ” As a quick refutation, I’ll remind everyone I made my prediction for the winner of PGF Season 2 well before the season. Here’s your eventual winner of PGF Season 2 (regular season): So my nickname for HunterContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 6 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2, Week 5 Fantasy Analysis

As a reminder, blocks 8 and 9 are the second and third rounds of day 3 for the competitors. Whether you think they’ll be more “warmed up” or more depleted, it’s up to you. Now on to the analysis for this week: For your consideration, each fantasy team has 7 possible spots with a totalContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 5 Fantasy Analysis”