PGF Season 2 Week 8 (Regular Season Finale) Fantasy Recap

Another outstanding regular season of the PGF has concluded! I’ll admit I wasn’t going to do a fantasy recap until Walo asked if I was going to do one. I’ve had some stuff at work, etc. that’s been kicking my butt so I was enjoying a break from the blog. But, we have some unfinishedContinue reading “PGF Season 2 Week 8 (Regular Season Finale) Fantasy Recap”

PGF Season 2, Week 4 Fantasy Analysis

My apologies for the late submission of this analysis. I try to get it out at least by Thursday late evening. I had it done but didn’t have anything funny for my “monologue.” I never came up with anything funny (I can just hear some wise guy saying “what’s changed?”). Regardless, here’s some things toContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 4 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF: A Model for Bringing the Sport of Jiu Jitsu to the Masses

With the second season of the Professional Grappling Federation debuting March 5 on YouTube, 10th Planet Black Belt Brandon Mccaghren finds himself on the precipice of changing the sport of jiu jitsu.  We all know how Royce Gracie’s domination at UFC 1 opened the eyes of martial artists and fight fans to the power ofContinue reading “PGF: A Model for Bringing the Sport of Jiu Jitsu to the Masses”