Matology 3.0 – Stuff’s Getting Real!

And that’s a wrap!!! PGF Austin Qualifier is in the books. No more qualifiers. No more chances for a Golden Ticket to the PGF Season 3 Regular Season. In Austin, we received our final Qualifier winner AND an at-large bid we’d all been expecting. BTW, if we’re going to announce at-large bids as almost anContinue reading “Matology 3.0 – Stuff’s Getting Real!”

Matology 2.0: So Much PGF News

EVERYONE GETS PAID! Of all the news we learned about the PGF in the last week, the Brandon Mccaghren‘s decision to pay all members of the PGF regular season has to be the top news. We’ll cover the details on the payments, other updates for season 3, a review of the Jacksonville qualifier, and moreContinue reading “Matology 2.0: So Much PGF News”


The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) Season 3 has 16 spots for regular season competitors. These 170lb or under grapplers will spend a week in Decatur, AL, competing in three matches a day on a live streamed YouTube channel, with multiple sets of commentators breaking down the matches beforehand, during the matches, and after the action. Continue reading “MATOLOGY: WHO WILL BE THE AT-LARGE BIDS FOR PGF SEASON 3?*”

Professional Grappling Federation: Taking Lessons Learned from Other Sports to Bring BJJ to the Casuals

By Egghead Warrior In the third season of his Professional Grappling Federation (PGF), Brandon “BMAC” Mccaghren has continued to add elements and lessons learned from other sports to craft a product exciting for bjj practitioners and the masses.  In previous seasons, we saw BMAC institute short matches with a rule set to force competitors toContinue reading “Professional Grappling Federation: Taking Lessons Learned from Other Sports to Bring BJJ to the Casuals”

PGF Season 3 – What We Know So Far

10th Planet Black Belt and 10th Planet Decatur owner Brandon “BMAC” Mccaghren has begun season 3 of the Professional Grappling Federation. In season 3, the PGF has a preseason represented by six qualifiers in different locations, followed by a week-long regular season, and finally a post-season tournament. All facets of the PGF, including the competitionContinue reading “PGF Season 3 – What We Know So Far”


It’s almost here. We have less than FIVE DAYS until the PGS Season 2 Post-season Tournament. Since fantasy is all over (yes, still a little bitter), I created a SUPER UNOFFICIAL bracket challenge. It’s free to play. If there’s enough participation, I’ll throw in a prize for the winner. To say I’m excited for thisContinue reading “PGF SEASON 2 POST-SEASON TOURNAMENT ANALYSIS:”

PGF Season 2 Week 8 (Regular Season Finale) Fantasy Recap

Another outstanding regular season of the PGF has concluded! I’ll admit I wasn’t going to do a fantasy recap until Walo asked if I was going to do one. I’ve had some stuff at work, etc. that’s been kicking my butt so I was enjoying a break from the blog. But, we have some unfinishedContinue reading “PGF Season 2 Week 8 (Regular Season Finale) Fantasy Recap”

PGF Season 2, Week 8 Fantasy Analysis

Okay guys, this PGF season is almost over. I’ll probably put out one more blog post for the finale, but otherwise I’ll chill until the season 3 qualifiers start. This season has been awesome. The interviews pre and post match, the Lonnie Jones intermissions, the higher caliber of competitors – it’s all been goodness. ThanksContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 8 Fantasy Analysis”