PGF Season 2, Week 7 Fantasy Analysis

Hey guys, a quick request: I don’t advertise or do this for money. It’s my hobby or midlife crisis as my man-child says. But I do want to promote one thing. The book below was written by a friend. He’s written a number of books, but given his martial arts, military, and international experience, IContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 7 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2, Week 6 Fantasy Analysis

Kemoy Anderson suggested many members of the Facebook group were “really riding nuts in [the group]. ” As a quick refutation, I’ll remind everyone I made my prediction for the winner of PGF Season 2 well before the season. Here’s your eventual winner of PGF Season 2 (regular season): So my nickname for HunterContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 6 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2, Week 5 Fantasy Analysis

As a reminder, blocks 8 and 9 are the second and third rounds of day 3 for the competitors. Whether you think they’ll be more “warmed up” or more depleted, it’s up to you. Now on to the analysis for this week: For your consideration, each fantasy team has 7 possible spots with a totalContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 5 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2, Week 4 Fantasy RECAP

There is a disturbance in the PGF Fantasy force. No, rest assured. McWhorter is safely back in 7th place. Scoreboard McWhorter! No, I’m not still sore about coming in second place last season. No, the problem is with the upstart, Freespiritphil.  It seems through cunning, sloth, or neglect, he found a way to game theContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 4 Fantasy RECAP”

PGF Season 2, Week 4 Fantasy Analysis

My apologies for the late submission of this analysis. I try to get it out at least by Thursday late evening. I had it done but didn’t have anything funny for my “monologue.” I never came up with anything funny (I can just hear some wise guy saying “what’s changed?”). Regardless, here’s some things toContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 4 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2, Week 3 RECAP (shhhhhh, there might be COLLUSION!)

COLLUSION: We now have proof who led the COLLUSION effort! The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies. It begins with Verbal (played by Kevin Spacey) talking to a customs agent about a firefight on a ship.  Spacey as Verbal spun a yarn about how he was put in touch with four other criminalsContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 3 RECAP (shhhhhh, there might be COLLUSION!)”

PGF Season 2, Week 3 Fantasy Analysis

Guys and Gals, it’s been a wild week. I spent most of it with my son in Colorado, hanging out with him during his spring break (mostly shoveling snow). I forgot to bring my laptop so most of my work on this week’s recap and projections were done on his Apple laptop (if you’ve readContinue reading “PGF Season 2, Week 3 Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 2 Week 2 Fantasy Review

Okay, I went a little far afield in this post’s monologue. If you just want to find out what happened in Week 2 of the PGF, you can scroll down to “PGF WEEK 2 MATCHUPS(predictions with UPDATES/comments on actual results):” below. But, you might be interested in the monologue. I lost my best friend inContinue reading “PGF Season 2 Week 2 Fantasy Review”