PGF Season 3, Day 3 (Wednesday) Fantasy Predictions!

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway throught the season. We’ve seen some great matches. Last night may have been the best night in PGF history – awesome action, great interaction with the fans through the comments, great video production. It had it all. Now we know a lot more about these competitors. I did thisContinue reading “PGF Season 3, Day 3 (Wednesday) Fantasy Predictions!”

PGF Season 3, Day 2 (Tuesday) Fantasy Analysis

Coming into day two, Keahi Makekau has more fantasy points than half the competitors. He received that team point from Team Toehold’s drubbing of every other team. This fact should lead to a paradigm shift – all breaks might not be too bad. We may see folks adopting the old Elbow Genie approach to takingContinue reading “PGF Season 3, Day 2 (Tuesday) Fantasy Analysis”

PGF Season 3, Monday Night Fantasy Predictions!

Okay folks, I just got done sitting down with Matt Skaff and Lindsey Mccaghren for more than 3 hours breaking down the PGF Season 3 live draft. We have matches starting at 6pm CST tonight, with a pre-show starting at 5pm CST. I’m going to push out an initial fantasy take based on the matchupsContinue reading “PGF Season 3, Monday Night Fantasy Predictions!”

PGF: The Shark Week of Jiu Jitsu Starts 9 January

The Shark Week of Jiu Jitsu has arrived! The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) will begin live-streaming a week of submission grappling competition starting 9 January. At 6pm CST, the 24 competitors will have ceremonial weigh-ins then compete in a pre-draft combine. The next day at 10am CST, the PGF Season 3 coaches will draft theirContinue reading “PGF: The Shark Week of Jiu Jitsu Starts 9 January”


We’re just about two weeks away from PGF Season 3 which will go LIVE on Brandon Mccaghren’s YouTube site at 6pm Central Time on Sunday, 9 January. It’ll start with ceremonial weigh-ins and a draft combine. The combine will have the competitors measuring their abilities in planks, hang time, pushups in two minutes, broad jump,Continue reading “PGF: THE BIG DRAFT BOARD”

PGF Insider – Season 3 Mock Draft Analysis

Now that we have the roster for PGF Season 3, the PGF Insiders decided to hold a mock draft. Walo, our fearless leader, assigned each of us a team affiliation. Then, Walo used a random draw to assign the draft order. Even though he tried to rig it, his coding skills were lacking and heContinue reading “PGF Insider – Season 3 Mock Draft Analysis”

Matology 3.0 – Stuff’s Getting Real!

And that’s a wrap!!! PGF Austin Qualifier is in the books. No more qualifiers. No more chances for a Golden Ticket to the PGF Season 3 Regular Season. In Austin, we received our final Qualifier winner AND an at-large bid we’d all been expecting. BTW, if we’re going to announce at-large bids as almost anContinue reading “Matology 3.0 – Stuff’s Getting Real!”

Matology 2.0: So Much PGF News

EVERYONE GETS PAID! Of all the news we learned about the PGF in the last week, the Brandon Mccaghren‘s decision to pay all members of the PGF regular season has to be the top news. We’ll cover the details on the payments, other updates for season 3, a review of the Jacksonville qualifier, and moreContinue reading “Matology 2.0: So Much PGF News”


The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) Season 3 has 16 spots for regular season competitors. These 170lb or under grapplers will spend a week in Decatur, AL, competing in three matches a day on a live streamed YouTube channel, with multiple sets of commentators breaking down the matches beforehand, during the matches, and after the action. Continue reading “MATOLOGY: WHO WILL BE THE AT-LARGE BIDS FOR PGF SEASON 3?*”