PGF Season 4: The Finale

It all leads up to this moment. Some competitors traveled to multiple pre-season qualifiers, facing innumerable opponents with a hope of making the regular season and a glimmer of a hope of reaching the PGF Post-Season – The Finale!

The PGF Season 4 Finale will be on Saturday, 29 October. It will be available live and in-person for fans at the BComing Church, 607 14th St SE, Decatur, AL 35601. Tickets for the season finale (in person) will be $30 and available only at the door – let them know which competitor you are supporting and they get a piece of those ticket sale. Of note, PGF NFT holders will also have their own VIP spots at the PGF Season 4 Finale. For those fans who cannot make it in person, the event will be live streamed via pay per view.

As in every season, the Finale will feature a single-elimination tournament of the top eight finishers from the regular season. The eventual winner of the tournament will be crowned PGF Season 4 Champion! But, there’s more to the event. The PGF Season 4 Finale also features a very exciting undercard.

With five matches, the undercard should definitely get the fans excited. It has a mix of PGF veterans and those new to the show. Anyone who has watched previous seasons of the PGF, the PGF qualifiers, or paid attention to high-end Southeastern submission grappling should recognize many of these competitors.

Josh Gibbs, purple belt, Nomad Jiu Jitsu versus Evan Stapler, blue belt, 10th Planet Decatur. In their match in PGF Season 2(1:11:02), Stapler pulled out some dirty, grindy moves. Stapler eventually won the match via head and arm triangle. Josh Gibbs returned to the PGF for season 3, eventually being named Josh FULL TIME Gibbs and winning the Such N Such BATTLERAMA! (5:12:35). Gibbs is still likely giving up a lot of weight, but he’s definitely shown PGF fans he has tons of heart. If someone can outlast folks, it’s Gibbs. Stapler is a young man who is trying to make a name for himself so look for him to come out hot. This match should be a lot more competitive and exciting than the one we saw last in PGF Season 2.

Chase Hannah, brown belt, 10th Planet Atlanta versus Jimmy Green, brown belt, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Savannah Pedro Sauer. Chase Hannah has a renown in the SouthEast as a supremely tough competitor. The lore has it that Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton, winner of PGF Season 1, runner-up of PGF Season 2, and High Rollerz champion, was humbled by Chase Hannah back in the day. Jimmy Green comes out of a very competitive Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Savannah which is the current gym of PGF Season 4 competitor Jacob Arp. If Green is anything like Arp, he’ll push the pace and make it exciting. For one, I’m excited to see Chase Hannah in action.

Kevin Beuhring, blue belt, 10th Planet Atlanta versus Keith Roberts, purple belt, Renzo Gracie Nashville. Beuhring, sometimes called the Beuhrik, was the blue-belt standout of PGF Season 3. He has black-belt worthy leg attacks. I wouldn’t trust my legs or anyone’s legs anywhere near Beuhring. Admittedly, I don’t know Keith Roberts other than he’s a purple belt out of Renzo Gracie Nashville, led by BJJ legend Shawn Williams. If Carson Thigpen, a blue belt out of the same gym, could capture the excitement and imagination of PGF fans, I have to figure Roberts can ramp things up a bit. I’m not making a call here, just excited to see how it goes.

Kuline Wendling, white belt, BASE Brazilian Jiu Jitsue versus Victoria Simpson, white belt, Tupelo Jiu Jitsu Academy. Kuline has been known to steal the spot light a little bit. Fans of the Brandon and Lindsay have a Podcast Now know that LMAC’s father might have paid more attention to Kuline (a white belt) than this black-belt daughter. What Kuline has shown PGF fans is a Matthew Boiles/Scramble Jiu Jitsu motor. SHE WILL NOT STOP! Kuline has been caught in submissions in qualifiers and her endurance and motor have allowed her to escape. I’ll admit I don’t know much about Victoria Simpson. SmoothComp has her at .500 with a submission and a point loss back in April. But, we know we can trust the Commish. If he decided to book this match as one of five undercard matches, I’m willing to be these ladies will push the action and put on a show.

YOUR CO-MAIN EVENT- The HANDSOME BELT BATTLE: Handsome Kevin Sherrill, Brown belt, Not Bad Combat Club versus Travis “the Mantis” Thomas, blue belt, 10th Planet Decatur. Thomas is an OUTLIER. He’s known as one of the most gifted athletes to walk through 10th Planet Decatur’s doors. Thomas received his blue belt in record time for 10th Planet Decatur and has been taking out black belts in the gym and competitions. BTW, the Mantis has a 185 lb MMA championship in at least one promotion in the Southeast. Now, “Handsome” Kevin Sherrill will take all that hype about the Mantis and handle it in a predictable way: Handsome Kevin will just run his hands through his hair and wink at the camera. Handsome Kevin is a lifelong grappler, being a state champion wrestler out of Rome, Georgia and earning a wrestling scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa. Handsome Kevin is a brown belt in jiu jitsu and coaches at X3 Sports in Atlanta. Handsome Kevin showed his expertise in Season 3 of the PGF. Handsome Kevin exhibited high-level grappling and supreme showmanship. These gentlemen are “about that life” as they say. Let’s just say, we have no idea what they’ll weigh when they hit the mats – it’s called “handsome weight.” If nothing else is certain, we know these gentlemen will put on a serious show for the fans.


I’ve added the bracket for the finale and your final top 8 standings. The match order for the finale will be as follows:

  • Evan Dewitt vs Eric Longar – DUE TO DEMAND FROM THE CHAT!!!!
  • Josh Gibbs vs Evan Stapler
  • Kevin Beuhring vs Keith Roberts
  • Kuline Wendling vs Victoria Simpson
  • Stephen Dana vs Matthew Boiles
  • PGF TOURNAMENT Semi Finals
  • Mario Gaor vs Billy Baxter
  • Chase Hannah vs Jimmy Green
    Travis Thomas vs Kevin Sherrill

In case you’re wondering if the top 8 competitors faced each other in the PGF regular season, here you go:

Dane Leak: Rock Troll (DRAW – Day 3); Reese Lafever (DRAW – Day 2); David Garcia (BREAK via armbar – Day 1); Samson Phomabout (RNC – Day 1)

David Garcia: Juan Martinez (BREAK via arm bar – Day 3); Dane Leak (L v armbar)

Reese Lafever: Juan Martinez V (KILL via guillotine – Day 3); Dane Leak (DRAW); Samson Phommabout (DRAW – Day 1)

Samson Phommabout: Dane Leak (LOSS via RNC Day 1); Reese Lafever (DRAW – Day 1)

Maximus “Rock Troll” Jolly: Dane Leak (DRAW – Day 3); Alex Hall (BREAK via heelhook Day 1)

Manning Leverette: Juan Martinez V (LOSS via RNC Day 3)

Juan Martinez V: Reese Lafever (LOSS via guillotine – Day 3); Manning Leverette (KILL via RNC – Day 3); David Garcia (LOSS via armbar – Day 3); Alex Hall (KILL via RNC – Day 2)

Alex Hall: Juan Martinez V (LOSS via RNC Day 2); Max Rock Troll Jolly (LOSS via heelhook Day 1)

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