PGF Insider – Season 3 Mock Draft Analysis

Now that we have the roster for PGF Season 3, the PGF Insiders decided to hold a mock draft. Walo, our fearless leader, assigned each of us a team affiliation. Then, Walo used a random draw to assign the draft order. Even though he tried to rig it, his coding skills were lacking and he ended up with the last pick.

Below is a description of the draft including analysis of each pick and a final grade for each team.

For a more detailed description of the coaches and the roster, please check out Matology 4.0 “The Roster” in the blog.


1. Chris representing (loosely, no actual affiliation other than fun) – Team Eli Knight

2. Egghead Warrior – Team Elkins (Jake and Matt Elkins – essentially Team Ironclad)

3. Miggy – Team Applegate/Trapplegate (whose team color will be pink and they will be sponsored by Toe Hold Flip Flops)

4. Walo – Team Drew Weatherhead

Of note, there will also be two Team Such and Such Burgers and Tacos with Red and Black as their team colors. Supernatural Survival Gear will also have a team, but odds are 50/50 whether their color is tie-dye or camouflage (they could have a regular color, but most their gear is one of those designs and it would make sense to let them provide their own team gear). This discussion of colors and teams reminds me of one hanging chad (see 2000 elections young pups) out there: will competitors be able to wear their own gear or only their team colors? In PGF Season 1, they only wore the Mat Viper provided rash guards, but PGF Season 2 allowed them to wear their own gear as well. It’s not a monumental issue, but something which will need to be decided.


Round 1

Pick 1 (1) – Chris picks Elijah Carlton (Brown)(auto bid)

Analysis: The face of the PGF, the first guy in the PGF Hall of Fame, the Bad Guy…Elijah was the consensus number 1 pick. He’s a sandbagging brown belt with a killer guard that frightens most competitors. It took traveling up to 225 and facing Hunter “the Professional” Colvin for Elijah to get a loss…otherwise, Elijah has finished every other opponent.

Pick 2 (2) – Egghead Warrior picks Caleb McAllister (Black)(auto bid)

Analysis: The consensus #2 pick, the other recipient of an auto bid besides Elijah. They were the number one and two finishers in PGF Season 1, now they are actually both competing near their natural weight classes. Caleb has cardio for days and is an old school MMA fighter (super tough). He’s also a super nice guy and very smart. He competes a lot, liking to stay busy. I’m betting Caleb does a lot of research before the season and has strategies for going after every opponent.

Pick 3 (3) – MigE picks Jonathan Roberts (the Elbow Genie ) (Black)

Analysis: The man has a rule named after him (the Elbow Genie Rule where if you get a submission in the first minute you get an extra point). Roberts got his black belt after PGF Season 1, and MigE loves that EXPERIENCE. New fans might only know the Elbow Genie from his short run at the Decatur Qualifier. Roberts was injured (knee) which that along with family events kept him from subsequent qualifiers. Have no doubt, his jiu jitsu is slick. Do some searching on Youtube and you’ll see some Elbow Genie submissions you want to emulate. Sure, he looks like an accountant, but his fighting is more like THE ACCOUNTANT. MigE might have been able to get him in the second round, but it’s still a solid pick. If you want to remember the dominance that was the Elbow Genie in Season 1, you can look at his scores here.

Pick 4 (4) – Walo picks Mario Gaor (brown)(Louisville qualifier winner).

Analysis:  Fans can check out Mario on @neckstepbjj Instagram page. When he won the Louisville qualifier, Mario took down two black belts with a double outside ashi ankle lock which shouldn’t work, but he dedicated an Instagram post to the PGF Insiders, showing how he made it work. We’re all huge fans of Mario, but I think Walo was a little shaken when MigE picked the Elbow Genie and Walo scrambled to figure out his move. The Analysts at had Mario as a late round 2 to a early round 3 pick. Still, he’s a qualifier winner, having wins over Longar, the Scarecrow of Doom, and Evan Dewitt from that qualifier as well as a number of solid victories in PGF Season 1.  

Round 2

Pick 1 (5) – Chris picks Kevin Sherrill (purple)(Atlanta winner)

Analysis:  Here’s where we see Chris’ time spent on the homestead and tractor shopping affect his picks. Sure, @kevingrapples has a wrestling background and has blossomed under the tutelage of Trapplegate at 10th Planet Atlanta. Sherrill showed some great skill at the Atlanta qualifier, winning it. Still, he’s a new purple belt. He could’ve probably held off until the third round to pick Sherrill. It’ll be interesting. I see a number of folks lower on this list who I think SHOULD beat Sherrill, but Sherrill’s going to come in with some motivation. By the numbers, this pick isn’t good, but it may be inspired. We’ll just have to see how it shakes out.

Pick 2 (6) – Egghead Warrior picks Dane Leak (Black)(Austin winner)

Analysis:  I said it on the show, but I STOLE Dane Leak even at pick #6. Leak secured three wins at the ADCC qualifiers, getting to the round of 32 before being eliminated. He has a very strong pack to the back for that RNC. He’s trained with Hunter “the Professional” Colvin and has that Okie strength going on. Leak won a very competitive Austin qualifier and could be a real contender for the season title. Well done on this pick, Egghead!

Pick 3 (7) – MigE picks Jeovany Ortiz (Black)(Decatur winner)

Analysis:  We should’ve known with MigE sporting the tie-dye shirt, the jersey preferred by Ortiz, he would go this way. Jovany Ortiz has some history with Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton, having faced him at the TN Top Roller 6 in 2018. To be fair, Ortiz also made it to the round of 32 at ADCC trials, losing to the eventual winner Kade Ruotolo. MigE might have one-upped me on this pick, but I think Leak may still be a better stylistic matchup against the Elijah and many others. Well, played MigE, a very good pick.

Pick 4 (8) – Walo picks Kevin Primeau (purple)

Analysis:  The first rule of PGF Fantasy is to never bet against Kevin “the Liquid Terminator” Primeau. Primeau had to remind me of this before the roster came out. Nobody hates Kevin more than Kevin is a saying we’ve heard from BMAC many times. Kevin will put himself through hell and ask for more. He’s a true warrior. Primeau showed us serious passing and grit on his way to the PGF Season 1 finale tournament.  At the finale, he only showed us the heart to go more than 70 minutes in an action packed match against Joe Kai. Primeau came back for PGF Season 2, only having recently recovered from a serious case of the Rona. We could see it in his matches where his normal, never stop cardio, just wasn’t there. The experience made him pull out the prison rules with wristlocks (YES!) and sneaky short arm bars. He’s cutting a lot of weight for this season so he should have a good weight advantage going into those later days. By the numbers, this pick is a serious reach. We were a little concerned if Primeau would get an at-large bid at all. Still, the PGF Insiders have some inside scoop from the Commish that tells us this pick might be a dang good pick after all. While I think Primeau was a solid third rounder, Walo could get some serious rewards by picking him just a little early. As you can hear in the podcast, many of the other drafters had their eyes set on “the Pete Rose of the PGF” for the next round. Nice pick, Walo. Walo probably didn’t remember all the stats of Primeau against other Season 1 alumni but you can find them here (draw against Roberts, kill against Collins, draw against Caleb, lost to Elijah via kill, kills against Longar and Keahi).

Round 3

Pick 1 (9) – Chris picks Randy Roden – (blue belt, Scramble BJJ).

Analysis:  Some financial advisers tell you to “invest in what you know.” It seems Chris went with this strategy in his picks. For those not in “the know,” Randy Roden was undefeated his junior and senior seasons in high school wrestling, earning a scholarship to Duke University. Roden wrestled in Duke’s D1 program and will have been doing jiu jitsu for around two years when PGF Season 3 rolls around. Coming into PGF Season 2, Roden had only one year of jiu jitsu under his belt and was a newly minted blue belt. We could all see Roden’s grace in his free-flowing movements on the mat. His defense was great, but as many new blue belts do, he struggled with submissions. As a PGF Insider, Chris does know from our interview with Roden that Roden has been working his leg lock game. This new attack strategy (why ignore 50% of the body?) should add a new dimension to his game. Add the new submission strategy to the fact that Roden is cutting A LOT of weight (he’ll be 170 for all of one minute) and you have a very difficult opponent to fact in PGF Season 3. Still, picking Roden as #9 is pretty high. I think he could have gotten Roden even in the fifth round, if not at least the fourth. The analysts at are calling this pick a pretty big reach. (Just for fun, check out 1:10:55 here for an interesting submission that shall not be named).

Pick 2 (10) – Egghead Warrior picks Evan Dewitt (Black)

Analysis: Another inspired pick by Egghead (hahahaha)! Evan Dewitt is a black belt, splitting time between Derby City MMA (Chewjitsu’s gym) and S&G BJJ. He’s a black belt so he’s got that EXPERIENCE. He showed great technique, both traditional and leg locking. He fell prey to Mario’s special double outside ashi ankle lock (that sneaky, fire sh!t). I don’t think he’ll fall for the same move and could be very dangerous in the PGF. A black belt in round 2 – solid pick.

Pick 3 (11) – MigE picks David Evers (purple)

Analysis:  So MigE now has the top two finishers from the Decatur Qualifier. We know “Quadzilla” has a great leg lock game, even defeating the Elbow Genie with his patented move. Quadzilla impressed BMAC with his stickiness when he gets a hold of a leg (just can’t strip those grips). He’s trained both under a Renzo Gracie black belt in Kansas and currently trains at 10th Planet Huntsville so he also has a mix of backgrounds to pull from in matches. It’s an intriguing pick. We have a limited sample size of matches to analyze. He looks good but will being what appears to be a leg lock specialist hurt him on points? Will he be able to get to his favorite submission now that folks know his game?

Pick 4 (12) – Walo picks Manning Leverett (purple)

Analysis:  Leverett had a great showing at the PGF Season 2 Finale in a super fight with a very game opponent. Unfortunately, he had an injury during the Jacksonville Qualifier against Louis Collins so we didn’t get to see much of him in the qualifiers. Leverett got one victory in the ADCC trials before falling to the same opponent who took out Leak in the Round of 32. Walo has the hometown advantage of knowing what Leverett is all about and he made a great pick here. Leverett won the Mid South Classic 3, but on Smoothcomp has a so-so record. At pick 12, he’s right in the middle of the pack and that seems about right. Still, he could be a value pick here.

Round 4

Pick 1 (13) – Chris picks Isaac Stackhouse (purple)

Analysis: “The Wandering Grappler” is a fan favorite (including the PGF Insiders). As his moniker implies, Isaac trains with coaches all over the Southeast, giving him a lot of opportunities to get different looks and strategies to add to his kit bag. As “the Rudy” of the PGF, he said he would attend every qualifier until he earned a spot. True to his word, Isaac attended every qualifier, competing in all of them except the Austin qualifier where BMAC needed Isaac to run the camera. Like Primeau and Caleb, Isaac is an old school MMA guy. We saw his toughness, competing even after having what appeared to be a serious ankle injury at the Fort Myers qualifier. We are all going to cheer for him, but having attended every qualifier – we have seen him against many of these competitors. To be fair, his record against the other competitors is not great, making this pick a bit of a reach. Chris and Isaac are going to have to hope the Wandering Grappler’s grit turns into victories as the grind of the weeklong season wears down other competitors.

Pick 2 (14) – Egghead Warrior picks Tyler Woolsey (purple)(Fort Myers winner)

Analysis:  Woolsey is an interesting pick with a black belt and brown belt still on the board (the next two picks). He is a qualifier winner, having won the Fort Myers qualifier. Since the qualifier was the smallest in number of competitors, BMAC called an audible and had a mini-PGF season (having a round robin setup where all matches were six minutes, same scoring rules as the PGF. This unique qualifier setup should have given Woolsey a glimpse into how the PGF will run, along with its required tempo for matches. Woolsey rocks that old school 10th Planet technique set, as he’s likely to lock in the rubber guard. Woolsey only recently received his purple belt, but he might be the biggest sandbagger on this list. The PGF Insiders have seen videos of Woolsey in tournaments seven years ago (as a blue belt) with BMAC and Applegate coaching him from the sidelines. Woolsey took a break in college to work on paying his tuition, but he’s been in the game a while. He’s a very smart cookie and I think he could be trouble for many competitors in this league.

Pick 3 (15) – MigE picks Matt Harrison (Black)

Analysis:  The SCARECROW OF DOOM (SOD)! Matt Harrison has a strong fan following in the PGF. As Season 1 was live, we could see the number of viewers swell anytime the SOD was competing. The SOD competed in season 1 as a brown belt but has subsequently earned his black belt from Chewjitsu at Derby City MMA in Louisville. Competitors will have to watch out for the SOD’s full guard – once he gets you there, a triangle is coming at you. Harrison competed in the Louisville qualifier (complete with fans dressed as Scarecrows) and the Austin qualifier. I think he got a triangle finish and a leglock in the Austin qualifier but didn’t make the finals. He made the consolation match in Louisville where Josh Gibbs and he both jumped guard at the same time…which looked like an attempt to ______ (the editors at will let you go back to the McDojo Show podcast recap of the Louisville qualifier to get Walo’s take on that move). The Scarecrow of Doom is a black belt, but has seemed beatable in the two qualifiers. Mario may have figured out the best strategy against the SOD – when the SOD goes to pull guard, Mario’s strategy was just to sit back for a leglock/ankle lock. But then again, the SOD might have been holding back. If Primeau has a new game to show us, I wouldn’t be surprised if SOD and his coach came up with something new. This season will still be a quick sprint, but since it’s live – competitors will have at least part of a day to strategize before that night’s matchups. If you really want to nerd out, you can see how the SOD did against other Season 1 alumni here (draws against Longar and Gaor, loss by break against Roberts, win by break against Keahi).

Pick 4 (16) – Walo picks Eric Longar (Brown)

Analysis:  Longar has been known for his side-to-side passing and throw-by takedowns. He had some problems in season 1, giving up so much weight with the 195 limit we had. Reviewing his scores from Season 1, we see he got draws against Noah, the SOD, Louis Collins, got a kill against Keahi, but lost via submission to Elijah, Primeau, and the Elbow Genie.  He’s still a brown belt, but you have to figure he leveled up since then. In his only qualifier match, Longar was winning for most the round against Mario Gaor, until Mario pulled out his jedi DOA ankle lock trick (see above). Ironically, Mario uses Longar as his uke in the video describing the technique. Again, with limited qualifier footage and little to no outside footage, Longar is a question mark. We’re now closer to his regular weight class (if not there), so he should do better than Season 1, but how much better?

Round 5

Pick 1 (17) – Chris picks Marcus Elkins (Blue)

Analysis:  The baby Elkins is fighting for the right to sit at the grown-up table next Thanksgiving. Sure, he matched his older brothers as a fellow state-champion wrestler in Alabama, but will he match them in their PGF success? While he weighs less than his older brothers, he’s definitely long which can often be a challenge for opponents. Marcus has shown a penchant for darces, buggy chokes, and of course, good ole wrasslin’. Marcus has had difficulty defending against leg lockers and this roster is full of leg specialists. He could definitely pull off some upsets, but I fear he’s going to be on the receiving side of a number of submissions this season. Congrats to him for being a father to be. The PGF Insiders can’t figure out if it’ll be a motivation or a distraction. Either way, I’ll say what I say to every father to be: sleep as much as you can right now, learn how to do everything one-handed (one had for baby, one hand can get things done), and my personal move, try to find some job excuse to miss the third trimester (I was successful 2/3 times) because things get a little crazy around that time. Congrats again, Marcus.

Pick 2 (18) – Egghead Warrior picks Kevin Beuhring (Blue)(Jacksonville Winner)

Analysis:  18, I got Kevin Beuhring at 18! Heck yeah! That’s about how many months this young man has been training jiu jitsu, but he’s killing it! Beuhring (Beurk) was the runner up at the Atlanta qualifier and then went down and won the Jacksonville qualifier. He’s another Trapplegate product out of 10th Planet Atlanta. After the Atlanta qualifier, it looked like Beurhk might just be another leg specialist, but he showed us something in Jacksonville – he showed us how him threatening his opponents legs opened up other avenues of approach such as taking his opponents back and getting that RNC. Beurk is going to level up even more before Season 3 kicks off in January. Team Egghead Warrior got a steal here.

Pick 3 (19) – MigE picks Noah Randolph (Purple)

Analysis:  The real challenge in the PGF shouldn’t be to submit Noah, it should be to make him breathe through his mouth or make a facial expression while grappling. This kid is TOUGH (yeah, I said kid – he’s still in high school). Looking back at his Season 1 scores, I’m fondly reminded of how he almost won me the fantasy title (DANG YOU MCWHORTER!). Still, out of the current folks on the roster, Noah only has a kill against Keahi. He got a draw against Longar and was submitted by Elijah, Caleb, and the Elbow Genie. But have I mentioned he’s a high schooler yet? We’re going to have more than 18 months from Season 1 to Season 3. High schoolers change a whole lot in 18 months – they stop looking up to you and start looking down on you and calling you “short” and “old man” (or so I hear from those with seniors for kids). It’s not so much a secret that Noah is the ninja choke master at 10th Planet Decatur (heck he almost put Primeau out with one at the Decatur qualifier – a match which was a split decision if you went by the commentators). The point is this pick is a quality pick. MigE got a tough kid with a lot of upside here at pick 19. If you listened to the podcast you could here all of us mad at MigE because we were all thinking we needed to grab Noah in the next round. Again, nice value pickup MigE.

Pick 4 (20) – Walo picks Carlos Andres (Purple)

Analysis:  Here’s another competitor with a limited sample size of matches available to analyze. Carlos took out Trenton Good, Lance McConnell, Anthony Collins, and David “Turbo Tax” Cooper before Quadzilla took him out. Carlos won the third place, consolation match against an exhausted Primeau (3:18:26 here). Skaff probably said it best: “Competitors are going to have to figure out how to pin Carlos. Otherwise, he’s gonna play in and out until he gets the submission attempts he wants.” Carlos combines great “Ironclad” wrestling with leg locks and submissions. The only reason he fell this far is his lack of film.   

Round 6 – the backups. We picked all 24, but this round would technically only compete if one of the above players was injured or had to pull out for other reasons.

Pick 1 (21) – Chris picks Keahi Makekau (Blue)

Analysis:  Keahi was Mario’s white belt who he brought along for PGF Season 1. Keahi was featured in many highlight reels of other competitors, but always shook it off and had fun out there. We saw a much improved but still having fun Keahi at the Austin Qualifiers. He showed some good defense and even threatened seriously with a kimura before losing the decision in his only match there. It’ll be good to see how he’s grown during the seasons. It will be interesting to see if he’s on Mario’s team – if not, will he give some good gouge on how to beat his instructor?

Pick 2 (22) – Egghead Warrior picks Matthew Boiles (Blue)

Analysis:  He’s out of Scramble BJJ, the same school as Randy Roden. Matthew Boiles in the Peter Parker of the PGF. He’s just a good kid. He’s the first guy the PGF Insiders sponsored for a qualifier spot (we also sponsored Marcus because others wanted to sponsor a friend of the show). When we put out the ad about us sponsoring folks, we got hit up by multiple individuals, coaches, training partners, etc. about needing to get Matty B in the PGF. His ride fell through to the Fort Myers qualifier so we had to settle watching him at the Atlanta qualifier. Check out his first match at 50:53 and hear how excited BMAC is at the pace and attacking shown by Boiles.  Boiles took out Isaac Stack house at 1:11:59 match – he didn’t get the sub but had position the entire match. Isaac seemed salty about the decision so that rematch could be fun. BMAC said he was very impressed with Boiles in that match, calling him “ferocious.”  

Pick 3 (23) – MigE picks Louis Collins (purple)

Analysis:  Collins is a tough customer. Don’t let his draft spot fool you. He has a very good record against opponents in this draft. He took Eric Longar and Mario Gaor to ties. He made Elijah settle for a break (yes, I was wrong on calling for the kill in that match). He got a break against Keahi. Collins is very tough and has been working hard since season one. He’ll be a hard out against anyone up and down this roster. He competed in the Atlanta and Jacksonville qualifiers – he’s committed to the PGF and a tough customer.

Pick 4 (24) – Walo picks Joshua Gibbs (Purple)

Analysis:  Gibbs is just a great dude. Anything I say here can and may be used against me since we live just about one hour from each other and I’m making it a point to travel down there to train this Spring. Gibbs will be fun. He’s always a game opponent. He had a very fun match against the SOD for third at the Louisville qualifier and had a very fun match against Isaac Stackhouse at the Atlanta qualifier. He’s not flashy. He has solid, fundamental jiu jitsu. Gibbs went way up in the weight class to compete in PGF Season 2 (225 limit). Now, Gibbs, who is a certified trainer I believe, can go back and compete in his natural weight class. This 55lb drop in weight limit should give him the ability to show off what his jiu jitsu really can do…and he’ll probably do it with a smile.


Team “I think my team’s untouchable” Chris – aka Team Homestead

1. Elijah Carlton (auto bid)

2. Kevin Sherrill (purple)(Atlanta winner) – @kevingrapples

3. Randy Roden

4. Isaac “the Wandering Grappler” Stackhouse

5. Marcus Elkins

6. Keahi Makekau

Draft Grade – B-. Chris could’ve waited on most his selections. His first pick status is the only thing that saves this team (Elijah better kill it as always for Team Chris to stand a chance). Chris may have been contemplating animal husbandry too much when making these picks.

Team “Winner Only” Egghead

1. Caleb McAllister

2. Dane Leak

3. Evan Dewitt

4. Tyler Woolsey

5. Kevin “Beuhrk” Beuhring

6. Matty B (Matthew Boiles)

Draft Grade – A. Ok, so obviously I think I made out like a bandit. I got the consensus #2 at #2. I stole Leak at #6 who could threaten everyone. Evan Dewitt, a solid black belt with skills all around slips to me in the third, c’mon man! I got the two biggest sand baggers with Woolsey and Beuhrk (Trapplegate begrudgingly gave him his blue belt after he kept wrecking colored belts in competition). Plus, I got the Peter Parker of the PGF, the Tasmanian devil, Matty B…heck yeah I feel good about this draft!

Team “Chill” Miggy

1. Jonathan “Elbow Genie” Roberts

2. Jeovany Ortiz

3. David Evers

4. Matt Harrison

5. Noah Randolph

6. Louis Collins

Draft Grade – A. MigE was very sneaky in this draft. The Elbow Genie, given enough bud light fuel, is a very dangerous fellow. Ortiz was a very solid pick in the second round. MigE could see real upside from Evers, the SOD, and Noah. MigE felt the pressure of representing the guy who gave him his blue belt, so MigE performed. Well done, sir.

Team “My team’s gonna kick ya’lls teams’ asses” Walito

1. Mario Gaor

2. Kevin “Liquid Terminator” Primeau

3. Everett Manning

4. Eric Longar

5. Carlos Andres

6.  Joshua Gibbs

Draft Grade – B+. Mario probably was a reach for round 1. Primeau may have been an inspired pick if our insider info comes to fruition. Everett could go either way. He’s a burgeoning star, but we’ll see if he shines in this competition. Longar could be good now he’s at his own weight but we haven’t seen any wins, yet. Andres may be the steal of the draft with his scrambling and leg locks. Still, I doubt this team will be in contention for the title.

As Austin Powers would say, “I’m spent.” Hopefully this draft recap and analysis will give some thoughts to our coaches, fantasy players, and fans alike. As Walo said, any angst from our podcast or this article can be taken out on me, Egghead Warrior, as I train at 10P Decatur during PGF Season 3 (as long as I get my Christmas present – all I want is to travel to Decatur and train for a week). So, like last season, feel free to beat up on Egghead. Regardless, I’ll still probably be right in my picks. It’s the curse of a 20lb brain. HAHAHAHAHA. But seriously, thanks if you read all this way and thanks for supporting the PGF.

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