PGF Season 2, Week 7 Recap

Still pushing out the blog posts even while on vacation. Let the dedication of Egghead Warrior be known throughout the lands. HAHA

What did we learn from Week 7?

  1. Evan Stapler may be a reforming goon, but he definitely has heart. He withstood two head and arm triangle attempts from two of the biggest competitors in the PGF. Well done, sir. Again, Stapler is making a mark for blue belts.

2. Edwards regained his spirit but is still nursing an injury. Lonnie Jones really helped get Edwards head straight. He came out to the mats the last few times with great vigor. After the match in block 12, he still left the mat a little hobbled after his quick win. By all accounts, Edwards will finish out the season strong.

3. Matt “Maneless” Elkins is a tried and true sandbagger. For the second season in a row, Matt Elkins has had a slow start, then started dominating opponents. While Elkins won’t get second place this season as he did last season, he has a decent shot at overtaking his brother for the second seed on the red team.

Now, we’ll take a look at how I called the matches and what really happened. Hey, I think I’m right most of the time. I can’t be right all the time…after all, “that’s why they play the game.”

PGF Week 7 Matchups


Sam “the Nice Guy” Barbosa (brown) v JUDO Justin Williams (white) – KILL, Blue 6. DUNK. Sam will get the kill, but he’s been very relaxed so I am not sure if he’ll get the extra point.

UPDATE: BREAK BARBOSA, BLUE 3. The first TWISTER of season 2 – JUDO, get that man a burrito! In the pre-match interview, JUDO gave Barbosa some nice props for being a good coach. I think we’ve all heard Barbosa giving what I believe are great coaching points from the sideline. As JUDO said, the comments are not too complicated. They are quick, to the point, and plentiful – this same type of coaching method was used by John Wooden (constant feedback referenced by Daniel Coyle in “The Talent Code”). Okay, back to the match. Barbosa takes JUDO down quickly and gets to his favorite twister side control. Barbosa has problems getting the choke, so he does a sweet samurai roll. Barbosa decides to go for the TWISTER and earns himself a burrito. Seriously, Commish, can we get a bonus point or two for the TWISTER?

Stephen “the Dream” Eakin (black) v Hunter “The Professional” Colvin (black) – KILL, Blue 6. It’s a huge honor for me to prognosticate on matches featuring Stephen Eakin (see what I did there?). But, Colvin is a highly-anticipated, highly-pedigreed, younger, competitor in his grappling prime. They’re both black belts, but Colvin should have the better scramble and mobility. I have to think Colvin finds a way to get the sub. It may be a break, but I’m thinking he works his way for the KILL.

UPDATE: COLVIN KILL, BLUE 6 points. Colvin went for a flying guillotine and ends up having Eakin take him down with a bear hug (?) takedown. Colvin quickly uses a scissor sweep to get on top. Colvin uses his kimura trap and a chair sit to get to Eakin’s back with less than two minutes gone. Eakin hand fights, defending the choke for more than one minute Eakin is hoping to get Colvin frustrated, while also putting as much weight on Colvin as possible. Colvin starts to switch to the arm bar, but catches Eakin in a tight triangle from the back/side for the kill. 

Randy “the Future” Roden (blue) v Kemoy “RatedR” Anderson (brown) – DRAW. I think Roden’s athleticism has him able to evade Kemoy’s submissions. Kemoy’s triangles and positional strength keep him from getting submitted by Roden.  This match could go either way and should be very exciting to watch, but it won’t help anyone out in fantasy.

UPDATE: KEMOY BREAK, BLUE 3. Kemoy looks to sit and Roden goes for that ankle pick on Kemoy’s way down. This match was really exciting. Lots of great lockdown, butter half, and other guard work. Roden just keeps showing his athleticism and potential. Eventually, Kemoy gets a nice sweep and gets to kesa gatame/scarf hold/judo side control and gets the american using his legs. I love that submission! I hit it on a brown belt (nice for a lowly blue belt) on Thursday. I think my analysis was fairly accurate; Kemoy hit that submission with about 40 seconds left.

Zack “Squidbilly” Edwards (brown) v Grayson “the Southern Samurai” Webster (blue) – BREAK, 3 RED. Edwards gets the break. Grayson has solid choke defense and will frustrate Edwards if he goes for the choke. Given the size of Grayson, I think Edwards will settle for the leg lock.

UPDATE: EDWARDS BREAK, RED 4. Edwards keeps going for that flying guillotine. They end up on the ground and rolling around, Edwards gets the honey hole and the heel hook for the bonus point. 

Matt “Maneless” Elkins (brown) v Jake “the Head” Elkins (purple). – BREAK RED 3. The match of the night. The fans want this match. The competitors want this match. The only thing hurting this match is Matt’s injury.  We all want this match to happen with them at 100% – SOOOOO, when the both make the finale tournament, this match has to be run back (hint, hint, Commish).  Matt’s a front headlock master so I doubt he falls prey to it. I think Big Bro gets Little Bro with the kimura.

UPDATE: MANELESS KILL, RED 6. This match did not disappoint. If you haven’t watched it, watch it! It end with Matt countering Jake’s single leg attempt with a sweet back step to take Jake’s back. Matt secures the RNC/Crank for the kill, striking a blow for little brothers everywhere. As cool as this match was, I’d like to see a rematch with the two brothers at 100%. I really think they should be opposing coaches for PGF season 3 with a super fight in the PGF season 3 finale tournament. 

MEGA Mike Johnson (purple) v Evan “8-Mile” Stapler (blue) – KILL RED 6.   Evan gets past the minute mark, getting a moral victory.  Unfortunately for Evan, he pisses off the teddy bear and gets full MEGA smashing power, leading to a kill.

UPDATE: DRAW. The moment happened. We saw a glimpse of it in the promos, but now we saw the entire exchange. MEGA wins the battle on the feet, getting 8-mile in a front headlock, dragging Stapler to the ground. MEGA is looking to pass when Stapler starts putting his hands on MEGA’s face. We can hear Matt Elkins say if Stapler does that to Matt, they’re throwing hands or words to that effect. There’s a point where MEGA goes red and then posts on Stapler’s throat with his forearm. Eventually, MEGA gets to the mount on Stapler. I was right that MEGA has the advantage on the feet and the positional battle. But, Stapler showed his grit and fought off the head and arm triangle attempts for more than two minutes. In the end, Skaff probably said it best – MEGA is used to the points rule set. MEGA reflected the point when he talked about being in control and winning the battle if points were involved. I also think MEGA wanted to hit the head and arm on Stapler to prove a point. To his credit, Stapler once again showed his grit.  But this time, after some talks with Papa Bear Elkins, Stapler showed a breakthrough in maturity, humility, and self-evaluation.

Kevin “Liquid Terminator” Primeau (purple) v Elijah “The Bad Guy” Carlton (brown) – KILL, RED 6. Primeau’s loss to Elijah after sitting in PGF Season 1 totally changes Primeau’s game, leading to a phenomenal run. But Primeau doesn’t have his cardio and strength due to the Rona. Carlton needs to catch up to Colvin, so he focuses on the kill.

UPDATE: CARLTON BREAK, RED 3. Primeaus said he was trying an in-and-out game (not animal style – if you get that joke, you’ve lived in California). Carlton got a hold of Primeau and got a leg lock. Primeau is hard to choke, but not impossible. Carlton has the ability to get the kill against Primeau, especially a Rona-diminished Primeau. But Carlton settled for the break again. Carlton has to know he’s behind in points to Colvin. I wonder if Carlton has conceded the regular season win to Colvin and is now just focused on keeping his submission streak aline?

Joshua Gibbs (purple) v James Regina (purple) – BREAK, RED 3. Regina loves the leg game and he’s a more seasoned purple belt.  I think Regina goes with what he’s most familiar and gets the break.

UPDATE: REGINA BREAK, RED 4. Gibbs knows he made a mistake here. Quickly in to the match, Gibbs sits back for a leg, leading to a leg lock shootout. Generally, the guy with the longer legs wins a leg lock shootout, and Regina is 6’4”. Gibbs dives (Navy pun?) into Regina’s wheelhouse and suffes a quick leg lock loss. Regina gets the bonus point for the quick submission.

Team Winner: RED, by 9 points this week based on this block.


Block 13:

Grayson “the Southern Samurai” Webster (blue) v Sam “the Nice Guy” Barbosa (brown) – KILL, BLUE 6. Sam may take a bit, but he’ll get to Grayson’s back and get the RNC.

UPDATE: BARBOSA KILL, BLUE 7. Barbosa gets the takedown, reaching side control quickly. Sam gets the choke but misses the extra point by eight seconds. Sam pays Grayson a nice compliment, calling him a beast, but saying it’s just a matter of Mat Time (seriously, if you’re not listening to Skaff’s Grappling Discourse podcast, what’s wrong with you?). 

Joshua Gibbs (purple) v Matt “Maneless” Elkins (brown) – KILL, RED 6.  Matt’s too good, even off sitting guard. He’ll do some seated wrestling and eventually work that front headlock magic.

UPDATE: ELKINS KILL, RED 6. Maneless gets the kill within the minute for the bonus point. 

Jake “the HEAD” Elkins (purple) v Zach “Squidbilly” Edwards (brown) – KILL, RED 6. Jake needs to channel Stephen Eakin to get his weight down, not allowing Edwards to get his legs.  Luckily for Elkins, he’s a wrestler and 10P purple belt so he’s used to getting his weight low and defending leg locks. Kill might be a bit generous here, Elkins may resort to a kimura, but I think Elkins could still get the kill.

UPDATE: ELKINS KILL, RED 6. Elkins power pressure from the top game was made to fight the leg game. Elkins’ pressure is too much to get him elevated (a big part of Edwards’ leg game). Elkins gets the punch choke kill. 

Hunter “the Professional” Colvin (black) v Randy “the Future” Roden (blue) – KILL, BLUE 6. Roden could force the break, but I think Colvin’s skills and traps are enough to allow him to find the kill against Roden.

UPDATE: COLVIN KILL, BLUE 6. “[COLVIN] is a breathing, walking back take,” according to Randy Roden. Roden called it. Colvin sat and found his way to Roden’s back, getting the RNC. Honestly, I want to watch this one a few more times. Colvin’s ability to get to the back is something to emulate.

JUDO Justin Williams (white) v Kevin “the Liquid Terminator) Primeau (purple) – KILL, BLUE 6. Kevin needs some moral and real victories.  JUDO has shown some great defense but Primeau is a beast, RONA or not.  I think Primeau gets the kill.

UPDATE: PRIMEAU KILL, BLUE 6. Primeau does a nice little throw and almost gets the north south choke for the dunk, but JUDO defends. They go back to the feet and we FINALLY GET A JUDO THROW! I think it was an outside sweep throw, but it’ll do. Primeau gets to side control again. They go back and forth a bit. Primeau ultimately settles into a modified JUDO side control and gets the diaphragm compression submission kill.

James Regina (purple) v MEGA Mike Johnson (purple) – KILL, RED 6. MEGA loves being on top. Regina likes to sit. MEGA will be happy.  MEGA on top is a very bad night for any competitor. MEGA happy to get the kill. Happy MEGA.

UPDATE: MEGA KILL, RED 6. MEGA gets the throw and ends up in mount. MEGA tries the punch choke, but Regina gets a nicely-timed sweep. Regina tries the leg attack but MEGA defends. Eventually, MEGA gets the head and arm triangle.

Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton (brown) v Kemoy “RatedR” Anderson – KILL, RED 6. I’m a fan of Kemoy, but he’s facing Mr. PGF. I think Elijah gets his triangle on Kemoy.  Sure, Sam defended in nicely, but Kemoy isn’t Sam. That triangle is vicious.

UPDATE: CARLTON BREAK, RED 3. I’ll let Elijah’s comments speak for themselves: “He ran from me for five minutes then I leg locked him,” or words to that effect. Kemoy – those are his words, not mine. I saw Kemoy being smart and as Kemoy said “trying to figure out the puzzle” that is Carlton’s guard. Kemoy did a great job of picking his spots and working towards passing Carlton’s guard without allowing Carlton to use his patented triangle setup. Ultimately, Kemoy couldn’t pass Carlton’s guard and Carlton did settle for the leg lock. Settling for another break, almost assures Colvin wins the regular season.

Evan “8-Mile” Stapler (blue) v Stephen “the Dream” Eakin (black) – KILL, BLUE 6. The Dream has some stuff built up. Eakin is going to punish Stapler and extract the submission. Eakin has said he was always the “mat enforcer” and it’s time to remind a blue belt not to use goon moves.

UPDATE: DRAW. You’re killing me Eakin. This draw probably put the final nail in the coffin of my fantasy championship hopes. Eakin gave advice earlier in the week in how to beat himself (to Stapler) and Stapler listened. Stapler again showed he’s very hard to head and arm triangle. Forcing the draw was a big win for the blue belt. Eakin again said six minutes just doesn’t work for his style. He’s used to the 10-minute EBI rules and probably is used to having more time to cook his opponents. 

Team Winner: Damn, I have it as straight even in my estimates. So figure out which one I’m wrong on (looking at you Michaud) and figure it out.

UPDATE: Red gets another big team win – getting them another two team points this week. Carlton needs to thank his team and the matchmakers for helping keep him in the hunt.

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