PGF Season 2, Week 7 Fantasy Analysis

Hey guys, a quick request: I don’t advertise or do this for money. It’s my hobby or midlife crisis as my man-child says. But I do want to promote one thing. The book below was written by a friend. He’s written a number of books, but given his martial arts, military, and international experience, I suggested he enter the post-apocalyptic fiction realm. It’s a great story that really invests you in the characters. It has a little science fiction (his favorite realm), but mostly is an adventure with lots of great survival tips in it. Please check out the preview. If it’s up your alley, please give it a whirl. Thanks. No pressure, I’m not keeping analytics here. Bonus: if you buy a book and don’t like it, bring it to the season 2 finale or after party if they don’t sell booze, and I’ll buy you a beer to make up for your loss.

BLOCK 12! BLOCK 12! BLOCK 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have a little kid on the Christmas Eve feeling going on? I know I do. (If you’re not a child of the 80s or earlier and didn’t just hear James Earl Jones’ voice say “I know I do,” please do yourself a favor and watch the original “Coming to America” movie).

Back to the thought at hand, we obviously have Elkins brothers matchup we’ve all been waiting for. I think the McDojo Show guys have been talking about a “Momma loves me more” shirt or something to that effect for the winner of the match. It should be fire and allegedly could lead to real fisticuffs as may or may not have happened before when they trained together. I’m sure if we all had some opportunity to get back at some upper classmen from high school, we would have a field day. Now, imagine that upper classmen lived in the same house. I think Matt wants some payback.  But, unfortunately, he’s injured.  Now, they start standing up and give a hug, but does Matt sit down?  Or does Matt say screw it, it’s worth a bum knee to take out big bro in the PGF?  We’ll see.

There’s plenty of other matches that should excite: Kemoy v Roden, Colvin v Eakin, MEGA Mike v 8-Mile, etc. But I’m not going to belabor the monologue.

Well, maybe I should question some things… Who puts a competitor who is so injured, his team is distraught, on their fantasy team? Who does this?

Could there be….

I’ll just let ya’ll decide how likely it was for someone to put an injured guy on their team. Seems a bit fishy over here…

And I’ll note, even though Rudy Michaud II is in the lead, he’s in the lead by 6 points. And if you look at his week 2 roster, who was there? One Sam Barbosa. Meaning, without…

I would be TIED for 1st. I’m sure Daniel Siriphongs will look back through all our histories to ensure we both had all the right points. But assuming only 1 collusion (and not the possible more), I should be tied for first, if not higher, still.

I will still warm my angry, dark, little heart with the notion that McWhorter is tied for 41st. HAHA! TAKE THAT MCWHORTER!

Now on to the analysis for this week:

For your consideration, each fantasy team has 7 possible spots with a total salary cap of $120 for the week.  Any left-over funds do not carry over to the next week. While one could hypothetically maximize their chances at success at playing all 7 roster spots, we often found during season 1 that sacrificing a roster spot to secure more “sure things” was the way to go.

SUPER PREMIUMS (you’re going to offset the expense by dropping a roster spot)

Hunter “the Professional” Colvin (black) – $34; faces Stephen “the Dream” Eakin (black) [KILL] and Randy “the Future” Roden (blue) [KILL] – 12 points. Hard to call. We have our first black belt on black belt matchup of PGF Season 2.  I’m a huge fan of Eakin, but Colvin is younger, more athletic, and a killer (no disrespect, I’m 42 and face guys in their 20s every day, it’s life). I think Colvin gets to a choke with enough time to legitimately finish Eakin (no collusion). While Roden is the future and could force Colvin to settle for a break, I think Colvin’s skills are enough for him to get Roden’s back (for now) and get the kill.

Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton (brown) – $32; faces – Kevin “Liquid Terminator” Primeau (purple) [KILL] and Kemoy “RatedR” Anderson [KILL] – 12 points.  Elijah isn’t going to like being behind. He has his eye on the prize.  This week, the cost is damn high, but probably worth it.

Sam “the Kingpin” Barbosa (brown) – $29; faces JUDO Justin Williams (white) [KILL] and Grayson “Southern Samurai” Webster (blue) [KILL] – 12 points. Sam will work his way to both their backs and get the RNC.

Jake “Head” Elkins (purple) – $27; faces Matt “Maneless” Elkins (brown) [BREAK] and Zach “Squidbilly” Edwards (brown) [KILL] – 9 points. Matt’s the better Jake at jiu jitsu, but Matt’s hurt. Jake gets the top by default and gets a kimura because he’s big brother. Now, as a 10P Decatur purple belt, I think Jake may have enough leg lock defense to pull out the win against the Squidbilly. He will have to take a page out of Stephen Eakin’s book and make sure to keep his weight super low to stop Edwards from elevating him.

Stephen “the Spoiler” Eakin (black) – $25; faces Hunter Colvin (black) [DRAW] and Evan “8-Mile” Stapler (blue) [KILL] – 6 points. Hard to call that first match, but Colvin has been a damn assassin the entire PGF. Colvin either gets the submission or forces the draw limiting Eakin’s fantasy value.

Kemoy “RatedR/the Bully” Anderson (brown) – $21; faces Randy “The Future” Roden (blue) [DRAW] and Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton (brown) [LOSS]. Kemoy v Roden should be fun but I don’t think either has the ability to submit the other in six minutes. The Bad Guy will submit RatedR.


Matt “Maneless/the Fade” Elkins (brown) – $18; faces Jake “the Head” Elkins (purple) [LOSS] and Joshua Gibbs (purple) [KILL] – 6 points.  I have to think Matt’s injury will give his big brother the win. Then Matt gets to take out some frustration on Gibbs.

Evan “8 Mile” Stapler (blue) – $17; faces MEGA Mike Johnson (purple) [LOSS] and Stephen “the Dream” Eakin (black) [LOSS]. Time to step off the Stapler hype train Joe Kai.  Stapler has performed well, getting many a win for us blue belts (though some in a Vagnar Rocha style).  Now, it’s time to pay the piper. MEGA will become a very pissed off teddy bear with Evan’s hands in his face.  MEGA is going to smash the man who cannot yet go to a bar.  Stephen Eakin, while a fan of #ALOT, isn’t going to stand for the goon stuff either.

Kevin “Liquid Terminator/Pete Rose” Primeau (purple) – $16; faces Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton (brown) [LOSS] and JUDO Justin Williams (white) [KILL] – 6 points. I feel like a broken record, but I would’ve liked to see a full strength Primeau get a chance to avenge his season 1 loss against Carlton.  As it stands, a RONA diminished Primeau falls to Carlton. JUDO is a much more attainable submission. Primeau will get that kill.


Zack “Squidbilly” Edwards (brown) – $16; faces Grayson “Southern Samurai” Webster (blue) [BREAK] and Jake “the HEAD” Elkins (purple) [LOSS] – 3 points. Came outta nowhere last week. I think only Edwards, other competitors, and Rudy Michaud II knew it was coming (HMMMMMM….INTERESTING). This week, Edwards seems more predictable (tell me if I’m wrong Michaud). Webster has solid choke defense but would seem more susceptible to the leg lock. Elkins is proving himself a beast in PGF Season 2.

“MEGA” Mike Johnson (purple) – $14 – aka the world’s most mysterious man; faces Evan “8-Mile” Stapler (blue) [KILL] and James Regina (purple) [KILL] – 12 points. I think Evan is going to piss off the big teddy bear some refer to as MEGA and get in some trouble. A whole lotta man is gonna smash Stapler. Regina is game, but I think MEGA’s density will allow him to smash Regina’s guard and get to him. I think this week we see “what [MEGA] is all about” as MEGA would say.


Joshua Gibbs (purple) – $12; faces James Regina (purple) [LOSS] and Matt “Maneless” Elkins [LOSS] – 0 points. Elkins is too good. Regina is beatable, but is a more seasoned purple belt and a MMA competitor (as well as long as hell). I’m giving the win to Regina out of respect for his mma, length, and some 10P loyalty.

Randy “the FUTURE” Roden (blue) – $12; faces Kemoy “RatedR” Anderson (brown) [DRAW] and Hunter “the Professional” Colvin [LOSS]. Roden is the future, but he’s facing some killers tonight.

PENNY STOCKS (NOT LIKELY TO MAKE YOU MUCH, BUT IF YOU HAVE MONEY LEFT IN YOUR POCKET…) – a reminder to all competitors, don’t take my comments personally. If I was competing, I would be squarely at the bottom of this category.

James Regina (purple) – $11; faces Joshua Gibbs (purple) [KILL] and MEGA Mike Johnson [LOSS] – 6 points. I think there’s a fair chance Regina goes for just a leg lock against Gibbs. I also think there’s an outside chance Gibbs gets a submission himself. But, I’m playing the percentages so I think Regina knows he needs a kill against Gibbs, but can’t handle the MEGA.

Grayson “Southern Samurai” Webster (blue) – $10; faces Zach “Squidbilly” Edwards (brown) [LOSS] and Sam “the Nice Guy” Barbosa (brown) [LOSS]. Grayson is still super cool and enjoying this experience while learning.

Justin “Judo” Williams (white) – $8; faces Sam “the Nice Guy” Barbosa (brown) [LOSS] and Kevin “Liquid Terminator” Primeau (purple) [LOSS] – 0 points. If I could have quick request of the Commish, I think having Stephen “Grey Goose” Mitchell interview JUDO Justin Williams could be fun. They really do both seem to be on a different wavelength than the mainstream folks.  A cool, chill wavelength, but it’s a different one nonetheless.

PGF Week 4 Matchups


Sam “the Nice Guy” Barbosa (brown) v JUDO Justin Williams (white) – KILL, Blue 6. DUNK. Sam will get the kill, but he’s been very relaxed so I am not sure if he’ll get the extra point.

Stephen “the Dream” Eakin (black) v Hunter “The Professional” Colvin (black) – KILL, Blue 6. It’s a huge honor for me to prognosticate on matches featuring Stephen Eakin (see what I did there?). But, Colvin is a highly-anticipated, highly-pedigreed, younger, competitor in his grappling prime. They’re both black belts, but Colvin should have the better scramble and mobility. I have to think Colvin finds a way to get the sub. It may be a break, but I’m thinking he works his way for the KILL.

Randy “the Future” Roden (blue) v Kemoy “RatedR” Anderson (brown) – DRAW. I think Roden’s athleticism has him able to evade Kemoy’s submissions. Kemoy’s triangles and positional strength keep him from getting submitted by Roden.  This match could go either way and should be very exciting to watch, but it won’t help anyone out in fantasy.

Zack “Squidbilly” Edwards (brown) v Grayson “the Southern Samurai” Webster (blue) – BREAK, 3 RED. Edwards gets the break. Grayson has solid choke defense and will frustrate Edwards if he goes for the choke. Given the size of Grayson, I think Edwards will settle for the leg lock.

Matt “Maneless” Elkins (brown) v Jake “the Head” Elkins (purple). – BREAK RED 3. The match of the night. The fans want this match. The competitors want this match. The only thing hurting this match is Matt’s injury.  We all want this match to happen with them at 100% – SOOOOO, when the both make the finale tournament, this match has to be run back (hint, hint, Commish).  Matt’s a front headlock master so I doubt he falls prey to it. I think Big Bro gets Little Bro with the kimura.

MEGA Mike Johnson (purple) v Evan “8-Mile” Stapler (blue) – KILL RED 6.   Evan gets past the minute mark, getting a moral victory.  Unfortunately for Evan, he pisses off the teddy bear and gets full MEGA smashing power, leading to a kill.

Kevin “Liquid Terminator” Primeau (purple) v Elijah “The Bad Guy” Carlton (brown) – KILL, RED 6. Primeau’s loss to Elijah after sitting in PGF Season 1 totally changes Primeau’s game, leading to a phenomenal run. But Primeau doesn’t have his cardio and strength due to the Rona. Carlton needs to catch up to Colvin, so he focuses on the kill.

Joshua Gibbs (purple) v James Regina (purple) – BREAK, RED 3. Regina loves the leg game and he’s a more seasoned purple belt.  I think Regina goes with what he’s most familiar and gets the break.

Team Winner: RED, by 9 points this week based on this block.

Block 13:

Grayson “the Southern Samurai” Webster (blue) v Sam “the Nice Guy” Barbosa (brown) – KILL, BLUE 6. Sam may take a bit, but he’ll get to Grayson’s back and get the RNC.

Joshua Gibbs (purple) v Matt “Maneless” Elkins (brown) – KILL, RED 6.  Matt’s too good, even off sitting guard. He’ll do some seated wrestling and eventually work that front headlock magic.

Jake “the HEAD” Elkins (purple) v Zach “Squidbilly” Edwards (brown) – KILL, RED 6. Jake needs to channel Stephen Eakin to get his weight down, not allowing Edwards to get his legs.  Luckily for Elkins, he’s a wrestler and 10P purple belt so he’s used to getting his weight low and defending leg locks. Kill might be a bit generous here, Elkins may resort to a kimura, but I think Elkins could still get the kill.

Hunter “the Professional” Colvin (black) v Randy “the Future” Roden (blue) – KILL, BLUE 6. Roden could force the break, but I think Colvin’s skills and traps are enough to allow him to find the kill against Roden.

JUDO Justin Williams (white) v Kevin “the Liquid Terminator) Primeau (purple) – KILL, BLUE 6. Kevin needs some moral and real victories.  JUDO has shown some great defense but Primeau is a beast, RONA or not.  I think Primeau gets the kill.

James Regina (purple) v MEGA Mike Johnson (purple) – KILL, RED 6. MEGA loves being on top. Regina likes to sit. MEGA will be happy.  MEGA on top is a very bad night for any competitor. MEGA happy to get the kill. Happy MEGA.

Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton (brown) v Kemoy “RatedR” Anderson – KILL, RED 6. I’m a fan of Kemoy, but he’s facing Mr. PGF. I think Elijah gets his triangle on Kemoy.  Sure, Sam defended in nicely, but Kemoy isn’t Sam. That triangle is vicious.

Evan “8-Mile” Stapler (blue) v Stephen “the Dream” Eakin (black) – KILL, BLUE 6. The Dream has some stuff built up. Eakin is going to punish Stapler and extract the submission. Eakin has said he was always the “mat enforcer” and it’s time to remind a blue belt not to use goon moves.

Team Winner: Damn, I have it as straight even in my estimates. So figure out which one I’m wrong on (looking at you Michaud) and figure it out.

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