Binge Watching PGF Season 2 (Week 1)

Today is a fairly chill day. The lawn is still good from when I mowed last (lawn takes almost a whole day). Kids and wife are wanting to bum around…ok. I had a pretty good 30-minute, chill run. I was pumped to find a bracket challenge website and was able to fairly quickly set one up for the finale tournament (pending Commish approval, I’ll put on group). Finished a big project at work and am in stasis on the house selling and buying stuff, so I figured I’d start writing my analysis of the PGF Season 2 Finale Tournament. In doing so, I started with the first match (Colvin v Stapler). I began writing my analysis, then I thought I should check out their match during the season. Much to Stapler’s credit, he faced two of the top competitors the first day of competition (real-life matches, not YouTube breakdown). So I started watching the Week 1 video again. As I started noting things, I figured – hell, why not binge the entire season and write a blog post about random things I notice while re-watching the entire season? Well, here we go…

OVERARCHING NOTE: Sons of Legion is an AWESOME band. I have all their songs on spotify on my playlist. I have them on my running/PT playlist. They’re very moto as many of my coworkers would say. It’s really cool their songs were a part of this season.

Week 1:

I love BMAC’s pep talk to the competitors. I think it set the tone for the season – HAVE FUN! While this season was filmed as a pseudo reality show, we didn’t have the drama of most reality shows. Sure, there was a little Stapler goon action, but it was minor.

Walkouts: while the walkouts were filmed later in the season, here’s my thoughts on the walkouts –

Sam Barbosa – the Nice Guy – with the huge smile and rocking the 10p symbol. You’d hardly suspect he could easily rip your arm off with his kimura or break your neck with his RNC. I see those glasses you’re trying to use to seem all Clark Kent-ish, Barbosa.

Hunter “the Professional” Colvin – “I’m walking up here and letting you see me. That’s all. My rolling will tell you all you need to know.” Dude’s the Professional. He doesn’t need an introduction. He doesn’t need hype. He’s the real deal. (yes, Kemoy and Walo, I might be “riding those nuts”).

Stephen “the Dream” Eakin – He really wanted to play to the audience the most. He was all about the professional wrestling-style talking smack, etc. His intro is great. First, he looks great, showing his weight loss for the PGF, then he acts like flexing hurts, maybe betraying his inner struggle. Eakin was so much fun in all aspects of the PGF (minus destroying my fantasy hopes). I hope he continues to be associated with the PGF.

Kemoy “RatedR” Anderson – walks up and starts bouncing in a fighting/wrestling stance. He’s in this thing for the competition, not to make friends (as he said in multiple later interviews). He’s the real deal. He’s a fighter with wrestling as a background. One does not simply mess with Kemoy.

Randy “the Future” Roden – Super self confident walkup. Then when he hits his mark, Roden rocks a backflip. Roden would continue to show his fluidity and athleticism throughout the season.

Kevin “Liquid Terminator/Pete Rose of the PGF” Primeau – walks up possibly chewing on something. Primeau just looks at the camera, with an expression saying “I’M YOUR HUCKELBERRY” which works on multiple levels. First, Primeau is a stone cold killer like Doc Holliday, but he’s also afflicted (or was in the recent past) with the ‘Rona which has diminished him (also like Doc). Regardless, Primeau is here to compete. And everyone knows Primeau is a game competitor.

Grayson “Southern Samurai” Webster is just chill when he walks up. He knows he’s a black belt in other arts and a formidable foe for any attacker. I noticed the Wolf on his left forearm – nice ink and a symbol he likes. Good stuff.

JUDO Justin Williams – He walks up calm and collected, putting the majestic, silver-streaked beard on display. By the time the promos were filmed, JUDO knew he was in a shark tank, but he remained strong – just as he showed us his heart in all his matches.

Elijah “the Bad Guy” Carlton – Elijah is channeling some Jeff Glover antics with his “crawl up?” We later saw Elijah use the Donkey Guard against Sam Barbosa to mixed results. Anyway, I got it – Elijah is the heel. I think the crazy walkup with the double birds (and out of focus) was a little over the top. Huge fan of Elijah and the production, but I think it fell a little flat here.

Matt Elkins – “I’ve been here before. I know what it takes. Let’s go.” Matt is arguably the most entertaining PGF competitor of both seasons. His interviews are top notch. His front headlock is “profesh!” In the intro, Matt’s saying, “I’m about this life. Bring it.” Elijah is the first into the PGF HOF; Colvin ran away with this season; but Matt could really be the face (and mouth) of the PGF as it hits the next level. Matt’s combination of wrestling and jiu jitsu makes all his matches fun to watch, even when he pulls guard due to lcl issues.

Zack Edwards – Zack’s playfulness and grand gesture gives a hint to what could have been. I think we all suspect Zack had at least a tweaked lower back to begin the season. Then, Zack repeatedly got stacked, further aggravating his injury. Regardless, Zack was a warrior who we all knew could make things happen in a moment’s notice. I look forward to seeing more from him.

Jake “Papa Bear” Elkins – I’ve admitted I’m a nerd before. I love Jake’s double guns in his boyish, fun walk in. Am I the only person who can see the Elkins Bros. driving a 1967 Chevy Impala and fighting the “supernatural” forces? Okay, that aside, it’s good to see Jake having fun.

Evan “8-Mile” Stapler – He rolls in (with a front shoulder roll) then starts bouncing around like he’s a wrestler warming up. Another bummer they didn’t make him hit his mark to be in focus, but the energy was what mattered. It did show Evan was all about making things happen, being dynamic. Maybe the lack of focus was a point that Evan didn’t care about the constraints of “polite” jiu jitsu? I’m probably reading too much into it, but it works.

Joshua Gibbs – Gibbs is very stolid, like he’s reporting to some Chief (Gibbs was never on ship, but still had to deal with Navy shenanigans I’m sure). He always gave his best, showing well for a baby purple belt (no offense as the writer of this blog is a Ronin blue belt).

James Regina – James rolls up. We see his big frame and he starts bouncing like the MMA fighter he is. He flashes the “10” for 10P.

MEGA Mike Johnson – He walks up with a little smile, almost as if he has a secret. Well, since he’s the hardest guy to find on the internet and was hiding a double gold in a purple belt tournament in Atlanta, yeah, he had a secret. Then he flexes those arms and you see biceps as large as many folks legs. Yeah, he’s going to show us what he’s about.

Okay, they show some interviews of competitors to start, I have to give Stephen Eakin some love for his “I’m a bad man… I’m going to paint some pretty pictures…” interview. It was awesome. We all know it was a little out of context, but it was really fun.

Elijah v Grayson – I got it. The heel hook was in your face and Grayson is a strapping young man. Still, Elijah settled for the quick break when he likely could have gotten the choke. Since Elijah fell into third place behind Sam Barbosa (by three points) – I’m thinking Elijah would want to have the opportunity for the kill back.

Matt Elkins v Randy “the Future” Roden – Double-overhook suplex to start the match (well within the first 15 seconds or so). Of note, two of the 10P blackbelts mention Elkins’ jiu jitsu is “black belt level” which begs the question… Also, Randy is chewing some gum which he did for the entirety of the season during matches. I hear it helps regulate your breathing. I’m interested in trying this method. Matt is trying to setup the Ashi Garame when his left leg is stuck in Roden’s leg and it gets tweaked, possibly straining or tearing Elkins’ LCL.

Hunter “the Professional” Colvin v Eva “8-Mile” Stapler – Joe Kai was asked what to watch for with Colvin’s game and he said….hey, mig-E can you help us out??? his “EXPERIENCE.” HAHAHA!

Looking back on my team from week 1 and knowing how Philip Mathews gamed the system (CHAIRFORCE!), maybe I should’ve just stopped updating my team?

Okay, now the kiddos want to play some games, so I’ll have to get back to my binge watching after I smoke them in some bean bag toss and monopoly. Be back shortly (as the Egghead is very good at those games, “you know what I’m sayin’?” – ref to Jake Elkins’ catch phrase).

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