Player Profile/Background Help:

Honestly, I love the PGF and am pumped for all of you, but with my current job and other responsibilities, I just don’t have the time to cyber stalk you like I did in past seasons. I need your help to build (1) our draft voice overs, (2) possible articles/profiles by me, or at least blurbs in “write ups,” and (3) I would like some good info to drop while I’m commenting on your matches in the PGF.

So, I’m going to provide some questions below. Give them a little thought…for you quiet/modest types, maybe ask a good friend or significant other or coach to help you answer some of them (let them help you brag). Please email your answers to the email I’m providing in the WhatsApp chat. Without further adieu, here are the questions:


Where from/living?

What do you do for a living? (only used if interesting, trying to build a story here)

How old(if it’s not interesting, it won’t be noted)?

Gym(feel free to mention prior gyms if important to your story):

Coach? (home coach, not PGF)


Years training?

Months at current rank?

Best techniques(what should we watch for? You can either play it sly or give us something to hype):

Any other martial arts/grappling experience? Explain?

Best/favorite win (or if your best win is different from your favorite win, give us both and explain why):

Why did you start training BJJ/martial arts?

What are your goals this season?

What are your goals for your bjj/martial arts career/life?

Any smack talk against other competitors? Have anyone to call out?

Where should we look to find online footage of you in competition?

What should I have asked you?

Have any photos of you in competition or otherwise that I could use in writeups? I can write but folks like photos.               

Folks, the point here is to give us some good stuff to hype. It’s also good to have the human interest piece. As Sylvester Stallone called it in his boxing reality show – the Adrien factor. What makes you special? What makes you relatable?

You’re going to have a great time in the PGF. I appreciate you taking some time to help me, help you (yeah, I went there…let me be your Jerry Maguire, just a little bit). Crap, some of you may be too young to have seen that move. If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out.

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