PGF Season 4 Roster

Men’s 155lb Roster:

  1. Reese LaFever, 
  2. Matthew Boiles
  3. Maximus “Rock Troll” Jolly,
  4. Anthony Molina.
  5.  Isaac Cordova,
  6. Dane Leak
  7. David Garcia, 10P Lombard
  8. Manning Leverett
  9. Jacob Arp,
  10. Charles Muxo,
  11. Noah Randolph,
  12. TJ Steinbech,
  13. Jacob Mashburn
  14. Wesley Carter
  15. Sampson “the Hustler” Phommabout
  16. Carson Thigpen
  17. Eric Longar
  18. Evan Dewitt
  19. Mario Gaor
  20. Juan Martinez V, Childress BJJ; Pueblo CO
  21. Stephen Dana
  22. Alex Hall
  23. Sam Acord
  24. Billy Baxter

Female 135lb Roster:

Tara Larosa – purple belt under Royce Gracie (and has been for a minute) and a black belt in judo. Pioneer of female MMA with a 22-5 record. ADCC silver medalist (twice). Won the Decatur Qualifier with 100% submission rate.

Claire Mitchell – purple belt out of 10th Planet Huntsville and Florence BJJ. This 19yo trains five days a week and has for the last six years.

Brianna Parocha – blue belt out of 10th Planet Jacksonville and PGF Jacksonville qualifier winner. Active competitor who has tons of cardio. She’s an Orange Theory fitness coach so she should be able to push the pace against every competitor.

Emily “Cyanide” Hauser – blue belt under UFC Veteran Spencer Fisher. She trains out of Combat Performance in East Flat Rock, NC. Winner of the PGF Chattanooga qualifier.

Anna Cononge

Kaida Davis

Joanie Chamberland

Nekiaya Jackson – 10th Planet

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